Friday, February 03, 2006

"We Are Addicted to Oil"


So Dubya, Tuesday, SOTU (you catch it?), stated that we (i.e. HE) would reduce our intake of "Middle East oil" by some big ol' number by, what 2010? I don't know - I wasn't taking notes. And the TiVo was on South Park.

Anyway, interesting.

He stated (stronger than implied) that certain alternative energy measures (switch grass, anyone?) would make up for our current dependence upon oil from the MidEast. (And I don't mean Harrisburg, PA.)

But does he realize that most of our oil imports come from Canada?

And does he know that Canada'a oil is more expensive than the oil from anywhere else? And that the cheapest oil is from the Middle East?

So, if we are to reduce the amount of imported oil, based upon cost per gallon, the cuts will come from the Evil Canadians. From a market perspective, the Middle East would be the last to go.
No? Am I wrong here?

Either Dubya has wasted many years (of losing his Daddy's money) in the oil industry and at Harvard Business School (also losing his Daddy's money) and failed to understand the basics of that industry, or, sadly, he knows that what he is claiming isn't true, but he says it, nonetheless, because it tested well in a focus group.

Look - I am all for reducing our dependence on horrible nations that just so happen to sit on a mounds of decomposing dinosaur bones. But if we are gonna get away from suckling upon the teats of said dead dino bones, well, then lets not lie about it, eh?


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