Sunday, February 26, 2006

Schaefer Deserves to Retire

I'm sure you've all read about Willie Don's funny little comment to the hottie aide.

I laughed too. I chalked it up to, well, there he goes again.

Of course, I'd read that her father (by the way, her name is Elizabeth Krum, and she is 24) was really pissed off: "It's all fun and games until it's your own daughter." His comments gave me pause, but, still, it's just Willie Don being his silly old self.

Then I learned this: William Donald Schaefer, the octagonerian who humiliated a talented young lady last week decided to also insult her father: "What he's trying to do is get his name in the press," Schaefer claimed.


Ok. Now I'm pissed. Willy? I don't care what the fuck you did for ole Bawlmer back in the 80s. The Inner Harbor is great. Thanks. We made you Governor for that. That's long since gone. We don't owe you a thought. If anything, you owe us your consideration for keeping you in the public realm, in spite of your idiotic pronouncements and actions.

I say now: Go The Fuck Home. You've deigned to insult the father of a young girl you've already insulted? Lord, how I miss the days of chivalry and duels. How simple it would be for him to pop your tired, stupid little head. Too bad we can't see that sight.

A fellow by the name of Peter Franchot is running against you for Comptroller this year. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the guy. Way too left-wacky for me. But you know what? I'll take wacky over "I'm Owed This Office Crazy" anyday.

Tomorrow, I'm sending a $100 check to Mr Franchot. And I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure that Mr. Schaefer is sent off on his overdue, good, long, retirement.

Are you pissed off by this, Mr. Schaefer? You have turned into a horrible little man. Thank you for all that you have done. It was all good stuff, years and years ago. But, now, go home. Take a nap. Best of all, leave us alone.


The Citizens of Maryland


Blogger Mason said...

Dude....where the frig you been?? you better not be shacked up with that certain blond former boy-bander you've been seen with. If so.....Girl, we want the details!!!! LOL

9:11 PM  

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