Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I HATE the iPod Era

You know that post, just down there? Disregard it. Ignore it. Delete it. Flush it into the ether. We (I?) aren't yet ready for the digital age.

Why? you ask.

You know that extra hard drive I bought, to keep all my music on? (Scroll down and read about it, AJ Hawk-loving newbies!) It arrived today. I saw that package when I came home from work and danced and sang like a schoolgirl.

I popped open the PC cabinet, found the right place to slide in that disk drive - it was tight, but if you know how to work it, it fits. (I know, it sounds dirty, but it's not - at least not yet). I plugged in the right plugs, pushed in the right wires, slapped the cover back on and was good to go! Bring on my many megabytes of Bono and Beck and Buffett. No?


I pushed the ON button. And the screen churned and churned and churned. My stomach jumped into my lungs. Then, the fateful message: "No operating system detected."

FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!

That was three hours ago.

Since then, I've tried to remove the new drive and return to the simpler, lovely days of old, the days of a single hard drive (no dice - still, no operating system. Huh? Where the fuck did it go? It was just here! I didn't delete it! Who did, you bastard?)

I've tried to reinstall the Seagate "new disk install" software. No dice. It nicely recognizes both the old and new drives (thanks for nothing, bucko!). Then, it falls down again on its "no operating system" sword. Eat me, Seagate! Eat me eat me eat me eat me!

I'm sorry, but now I'm pissed.

So, here I am, beaten, disheveled, a little dusty, a little sweaty, and diving into a sixer of Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale (and a finer brown ale ye shall not find!). (I bet you were waiting for a beer reference. You were. Don't lie to me.)

And you know what I'm gonna have to do in the morning? Call up that freaking Geek Squad at Best Buy and have them send over one of their pimply faced geniuses to rescue my stupid ass from itself.

Any other brilliant ideas? Hey - if any of you live near Forest Hill, MD (truly, it IS the Land of Pleasant Living!) and know how to fix this bastard, hit me back.

Here's the deal - I'll buy you a sixer of Dogfish. Your choice. Hell, I'll even drink one (or three) with ya!

Just - please - anyone! - help me! Help ! Heeellllllllllllllllpp.................


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