Saturday, February 11, 2006

How the DHS is Running the INS

So, how is the Dept of Homeland Security doing in running the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Hmm, well, about as effectively as it runs FEMA.

(Bush had it right when he opposed creating this massive beauracratic boondoggle in the first place. Too bad that he ineffectually and unfortunately bowed down to his political masters.)

Immigration policy is clearly a linchpin to our national security.

And yet, we learn that:
In December Congress speedily passed special immigration legislation to benefit just one person: an ice dancer. As a Canadian, she couldn't join the 2006 U.S. Olympics team. But a law was written that lasted exactly two days, long enough for her to be fast-tracked for citizenship and sent to compete for the United States.

Hmm, well. We would like to win 30-odd medals over the next fortnight in Turin, no?

Of course, there's also the fact that:
...the U.S. immigration system had denied entry to Teresa, a 14-year-old African girl who has been stranded as a refugee in Guinea almost all her life. She is trying to join her adoptive mother, Momara, a refugee from Sierra Leone who was granted asylum in the United States. But in this girl's case, there is no fast track, only the rigid application of a procedural rule.

Can she skate? Run really fast?

No? Too bad.

What an embarassment.


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