Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why (Effective) Regulation Matters

One aspect of the WVa mining tragedy now being getting some play is, quite simply, how could a mine continue to operate when it had been flagged with so many safety violations?

Maybe that ain't so hard to do when the fox is guarding the henhouse.

Look - this isn't about simply throwing around the old brickbat that "Bush is responsible for the coal mine tragedy", "Bush is responsible for Katrina", "Bush is responsible for my dog throwing up all over the carpet last night".

This is about the culture of corruption, of largesse and privilege, of cronyism and incompetence that seems to have taken root. Yes, all administrations stack the bureaucracy with their buds. But it seems as if this one has taken to it with a real disdain for the good works of government itself, with a lack of desire to actually have the bureaucracy function.

And a growing sense of unease with the powers-that-be could easily build into a throw-the-bums-out crescendo just in time for this fall's elections.


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