Friday, January 20, 2006

Terry Pluto is the Greatest Sports Columnist in the World

When you read through Bob Ryan's column, below, you get a pretty strong sense of how he, among others in the business, views Terry Pluto: he is among The Best.

For those of you outside of NE Ohio, Terry is a longtime sports columnist for the Akron-Beacon Journal, one of the great smaller papers of our day.

Simply put, Terry is one of the finest local sports columnists writing in this country today. He has contacts and connections that rival anyone.

More than anything, he has a moral compass second to no one. His work never takes shots, never degrades, never takes the easy road to making a point. He is a classy, simple, and brilliant writer.

Simple is his essence - and not in that way that "simple" can be denigrating - but rather that he can capture a feeling, a scene, a presence, in a few, everyday, conversational words. He does not write with a flowery flourish, like the Damon Runyons of our day. He does not try to make every other sentence an ironic observation, like Bud Shaw. He does not try to turn baseball into brain surgery, like Gammons was wont today in his last free days.

No. Terry just writes. He writes like you and I talk. He writes of conversations that you and I could have but are not privy to, though in a way that makes us feel as if we are. He writes as we might, if we were there, and if we could.

But we can't, as he can. And that is why you should read him. And sign up for his weekly newsletter. It will be the most insightful thing you recieve in your inbox each week.


Blogger LargeBill said...


I too love Pluto's work. His books are great also. He assumed the mantle of best Cleveland sports writer from Hal. Separately, a lot of writers have their email address at the bottom of their columns and being of strong opinions I've wrote many of them. Unlike the rest, Terry has responded to every email I've sent him. I check out the ABJ daily hoping for a Pluto column.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Call Me Jack said...

I especially love his columns on faith - who else puts themselves out there like that?

What I find remarkable is that no one at the PD has yet thought to generate a blog or newsletter like Terry (or McManomon on the Browns - sp?, for that is what keeps me looking back to their website every coupel of days.

11:05 PM  

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