Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Senate SOTC Hearings Are a Waste of Time

Let us put aside for a moment the fact that the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee acquitted themselves embarrassingly last week. Ted the Swimmer did nothing more than confirm expectations that he would be little more than a bloviating pile of gelatinous lard. But the others went above and beyond my expectations of self-important self-aggrandizement and idiocy.

Hey - Joe Biden? Shut your lousy pie-hole already!

Pat Leahy? You are nothing more than a helium-filled wrinkled old garment bag. Go home and eat some cheese or something. Please - choke on half a wheel of aged white cheddar. And keep your gassy old trap shut.

But what has really ticked me off is the fact that the Senate is now in the process of wasting a full week of time “debating” the Alito nomination. This guy deserves to be confirmed. He is capable and competent (unlike so many that this same Senate has deigned to confirm with little or no debate). There is no “debate” about that. I may not love the guy or his stands on specific issues or where I think he might move the Court, but the President has the right to name him, and there is no good reason to not confirm him.

(I am especially fired up by those who worry he will “move the court to the right”. Huh? Of course he will, you jackasses. He was named by a – supposedly - conservative president. He has a long track record of leaning to the right. You want to get folks on the court to move it in the other direction? I have an idea - win a few freaking elections.)

And HE WILL be confirmed. Everyone knows that. It is inevitable. And yet, still, the Democrats will waste a full week of the Senate’s time to blast their big words and little ideas out into the ether. One full week wasted and not working on The People’s Business.

I don’t care how crooked, incompetent, unethical, immoral, and simply buggy the Republicans get. As long as they get to run against these bumbeciles, they will win.


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