Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Perjury of Alberto Gonzales

Why is no one fired up that the Attorney General of the United States committed perjury during his Senate confirmation hearings ('cept for me and Russ Feingold, of course):

During his hearings, Gonzales called warrantless wiretapping "a hypothetical situation".

Per the WaPo, "At the hearing, Feingold asked Gonzales where the president's authority ends and whether Gonzales believed the president could, for example, act in contravention of existing criminal laws and spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant. Gonzales said that it was impossible to answer such a hypothetical question but that it was "not the policy or the agenda of this president" to authorize actions that conflict with existing law. He added that he would hope to alert Congress if the president ever chose to authorize warrantless surveillance, according to a transcript of the hearing."

All of which Gonzales was well aware.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.


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