Monday, January 02, 2006

OSU - Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl Preview

Actually, not so much a previous as a look back.

I lived in Columbus in the mid-90s, when the Buckeyes had a home and away series with Notre Dame. They hadn't played each other since, like, the mid-thirties or something ridiculous.

We had been tailgating since some gawdawful early hour that morning (as usual), and I needed to take a serious leak. So we ambled over to the Fawcett Center, where two large buses were parked outside the lobby. Inside the buses sat the surviving members of the last Notre Dame team to play the Buckeyes.

Fueled by, oh, about a dozen Natty Lights by that time, I climbed aboard the bus in front. Row after row of 80 or 90 year old dudes, all decked out in proper woolen fall caps and fedoras looked up at me. They each clutched a special "reclaiming the rivalry" pennant. What a sight!

"Welcome to Columbus!" I shouted. "God may smile on the Irish, but today is for the Buckeyes!"
That is why college football is the greatest of all our big time sports.

Go Bucks!


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