Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mike DeWine Was Ahead of His Time

Did anyone notice that the junior Senator from Ohio, nearly four years ago, proposed legislation loosening the rules in the 1978 FISA act? In sum, his revision would
"...amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to modify the
standard of proof for issuance of orders regarding non-United States persons
from probable cause to reasonable suspicion ..."
From probable cause to reasonable suspicion? That sounds like a nice, reasonable, LEGAL way to give our government the tools to keep us safe, no? I think little Mikey had a pretty good idea there.

Hmmm, so, why did the Bush administration respond thusly?:
"This [Patriot Act] modification has allowed us to make full and effective use
of FISA's pre-existing emergency provisions to ensure that the government acts
swiftly to respond to terrorist threats."
Bottom line: We don't need this! The current law is cool! We can live with it! Besides, we ARE the law!

Hmmph, well.

These people are either (you choose): Congenital Liars or Unrepentant Psychopaths.

I report, you decide.


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