Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Listen to Me: Rent "The Aristocrats"

My God - did George W. Bush just blaspheme OIL??? OMG!!! Kenny Lay just fell off his barstool. Easy there, Kenny Boy.

Did he just say "wood chips and switchgrass?" Is this the State of the Union or an S&M convention?

While I'm getting deep into this Maker's, allow me to recommend to you the DVD "The Aristocrats". I'm sure you've heard of it: a 90-minute documentary about a filthy, dirty, disgusting joke.

Prepare to feel violated. And to laugh really, really hard.

The real punchline is that the joke itself is not very funny. The compelling story is the sociological history and underpinnings to the telling of the joke itself. In all, a fascinating look into the closed world of comedy.


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