Thursday, January 12, 2006

Is There Such a Thing as a Fictional Memoir?

Yes, I know that everyone and their dog has already commented on The Smoking Gun's revelation that James Frey's memoir of drug- and booze-addled craziness and Criminality is, in large part, a work of fiction. But this dude claims to have run rampant over some of my old stomping grounds, so I figured I'd take my pass at it too.

A Million Little Pieces had been on my "to read" list (just after I finish James Stewart's fascinating Disney War, and Doris Goodwin's latest Lincoln epic).

But, no more. What had made it seem a compelling read (at least from the reviews I saw) was the fact that it was true - that this guy really did sink to such depths. When reality is better than stuff you can make up, that's a good read.

But, apparently, anyone CAN make this stuff up.

The novelist told Oprah, ""If I was gonna write a book that was true, and I was gonna write a book that was honest, then I was gonna have to write about myself in very, very negative ways."

Hmmm. Maybe, not so much.


Blogger LargeBill said...

I'm not going to comment about the guy who made up his memoirs since that one has been beat to death elsewhere. However, I was considering buying the book on Lincoln's cabinet. How about posting a review of that one after you read it.

1:48 PM  

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