Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Editorializing in the Security Line

So I'm minding my own bidness, standing in security, at about 4:30 this AM (damn, it makes my head hurt to even recall it - seems like, oh, about 16 hours ago). In front of me, Billy Joe Jim Bob is clearly disgusted with the whole process - the line, the nice Pakistani lady checking boarding passes and IDs, the TSA lackeys in their winter uniform maroon sweaters, with the dark blue epaulets (quite dashing).

He makes sure we all know just how disgusted he is, as he mutters on, intending us all to hear: "Gawdamn terrorists guarding this place...wonder they haven't hit us again...f-ing lines...stupid whatever and whatever..."

Even in the haze of a ridiculously early morning, this dude reminded me of that great old joke:

What do assholes and opinions have in common?

Everyone's got one.


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