Friday, January 13, 2006

DNA Proves VA Execution Not Innocent

You have to give credit to outgoing VA Gov Mark Warner. Here is a guy positioning himself to run for President in 2008, a Democrat, pro-death penalty, from a strongly Red state.

And, yet, he pushed to test the DNA of a guy executed in 1992.

Why? He wanted to make sure that the truth was known.

After all, isn't our justice system about finding the truth? Even after the fact?

What had he to earn from this exercise? The way the results turned out, the topic will fade from the headlines. Had it turned the other way, he would be in the difficult position of arguing for the death penalty when the facts showed that his state had, in fact, executed an innocent man.

Thank God it didn't turn out that way.

I am fundamentally opposed to the death penalty based upon moral and religious beliefs (as I tell my pro-life, pro-death penalty, Fundie friends, "You don't get to choose which life to be pro about." That shuts them up pretty quick.)

Which only increases the respect I have for a pro-death penalty guy who seeks to find the truth. Gov. Warner is one Democrat I'll keep my eyes on.


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