Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coco Crisp to Boston

Much has been said, and I will defer to Mark Shapiro's record in judging talent.

But I can't help but be concerned about what this trade does to the Tribe's lineup for the 2006 campaign. Yes, there is now a stud, Andy Marte, in the pipeline at third base for next year (or the year after). But what does Michaels do as an everyday outfielder? Will he replace Crisps's .300 (or better) in 2006?

And what of Rhode's absence from a premier bullpen? I liek Mota, but how fragile is he?

And, good Lord, but don't you hate to see Jimmy Thome in a White Sox uniform?


Blogger LargeBill said...

I don't think there will be a huge drop off from Crisp to Michaels. Michaels On-Base Percentage is considerably higher than Crisps.

Rhodes is 37 and had knee problems last year so his departure isn't a big concern. I think Andrew Brown or another kid from the farm will make the team in Spring Training.

I'm not thrilled about Thome in a White Sox uniform either. However, I don't think he makes them a better team. They traded a Gold Glove CF to get him. They are planning on starting a rookie in CF who strikes out a lot. I haven't seen an over/under betting line for wins next year, but if it is over 90 wins for Chicago I'm taking the under.

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