Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More War on Christmas - and Bill OReilly is STILL an Idiot!

Harold Myerson in today's WaPo points out that we American's celebrate a distinctly sectarian - and wholly American - version of Christmas, in addition to the more secularized celebrations in which many of us also choose to participate.

He traces the genesis of this "American Christmas" to the Thirties, and credits Irving Berlin and other great Jewish songwriters for helping to create it. In many ways, this holiday "was about staying warm in winter, about staying connected to loved ones and traditions." Spirituality was implied, though ambiguous.

Money parting shot: "Now the Fox News demagogues want to impose a more sectarian Christmas on us, supplanting the distinctly American holiday we have celebrated lo these threescore years with a holiday that divides us along religious lines. Bill O'Reilly can blaspheme all he wants, but like millions of my countrymen, I take attacks on Irving Berlin's America personally. If O'Reilly doesn't like it here, why doesn't he go back to where he came from?"

Truly, I think Bill O'Reilly must hate America as much as Judge Robertson.


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