Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Iraqi Election Observations

Just two, so far (aside from how heartening it is to see things getting to this point):

1. Iraqi ex-pats in the US can arrive at the polling place, register, and then vote immediatley! All at the same place! And at the same time! What a great idea! Quick - call or email your local Republican congressperson to see how quickly we could implement that here!

2. Here's which Iraqi ex-pats in the US are allowed to vote: Iraqi citizens and children of Iraqi FATHERS. Yes, fathers. Repeat after me: fathers. Note - NOT mothers. Fathers. You live in Cleveland and your mamma is from Fallujah? No dice. You can't vote. Not even if she's from the east side, the good side. You live in Pittsburgh, and daddy is a former Baathist evildoer? Yes, please, do vote! Do! Vote to your heart's content! Even though you're from Pittsburgh!

Frankly, I expect a little more robust democracy for nearly $200 billion and more than 2000 lives, don't you?


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