Thursday, December 01, 2005

How Are Iraqi Soldiers Like DC Police?

Richard Cohen in today's WaPo draws a striking parallel between DC's efforts to quickly beef-up its police force in the late 80s and our efforts to quickly beef up the Iraqi army today.

The bottom line is that rushed efforts produce inadequate - and sometimes disastrous - results.

Had we not so badly bungled this occupation from Day One (thank you, Messrs. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Bremer!), undercommitted troops to mantain order, and mislead the American public about Iraqi troop preparedness over the last couple of years (didn't Rumsey tell us a year ago that 210,000 Iraqi troops were trained and ready? That was the same number Mr. Bush quoted yesterday. And he wonders why we don't trust him on Iraq?), then we wouldn't be in the soup today.

Here, for example, is how some Iraqi troops are behaving: "...bodies have been found with acid burns on the skin and holes made by electric drills. It is not clear if these atrocities, purportedly by Shiites against Sunnis, were carried out by regular army units or whether Shiite militias have infiltrated the army."

Hmmm...maybe they are just following a recently-updated US Army field manual.

What I fear most, however, is the soup of tomorrow.


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