Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Is Coming...

This is how we are celebrating our Christmas:
- The family members have made their way here over the last few days - from Atlanta and Cleveland and Tampa and Boston.
- It was warm here today ('bout 50), so we had a good walk around the pond then played two hours of tennis. My net game, as always, made the difference. When will women ever learn to play the freakin net??
- I am making Cornish Hens tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, stuffed with wild mushrooms and served with pan juices infused with roasted garlic. The birds are defrosting as we speak.
- We will attend 9pm service, an early midnight Mass for us recovering Catholics. Full choir, communion, the whole freakin' deal!
- I picked up the tenderloin today, a nice big tender strip of beef. On Christmas day, after 6 hours of marinating in bourbon (Jack Daniels, Merry Christmas!), brown sugar, and shallots, I shall sear it in olive oil and butter then roast it until medium rare. It shall be surrounded by a potato gratin with mushrooms and Roqueforte. Yum. A Bouche de Noel will end our meal.

The spirit of sharing and community infuses us. We shall share, and we shall share more. Our homes, our kitchens, become a metaphor for the soul. Be with us. Be one with us, with charity, with generosity, with love.


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