Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bobby Ehrlich's Reelection Campaign

So Gov. Ehrlich has hired Bo Harmon to run his reelection campaign for governor.

Full disclosure - I have voted for Ehrlich every chance I've had - as my rep in Congress and as Governor. He has brought some balance to a state capital typically overrun (and run) by Democrats only. Aside from his annoying addiction to legalizing slots, I really like him and tend to agree with him.

However, this hire gives me pause. Bo Harmon, if you do not know, is the campaign genius who torpedoed John McCain's bid for the 2000 Republican Presidential nomination in the South Carolina primary. Included among that campaign's slanders was the outright lie that McCain “chose to sire children without marriage.” Predictably, them South Carolinians don't take so kindly to fornicatin'!

Mr. Harmon then followed up that virtuoso performance with his campaign against Sen. Max Cleland in Georgia. Remember Max Cleland? Lost both legs while fighting in Vietnam? Under Harmon's leadership, the challenger, Saxby Chambliss (who avoided serving)...
"...ran TV ads showing pictures of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein - and
Cleland. A narrator said that while America faced terrorists, Cleland opposed
Bush's homeland security efforts.
Among those who attacked the ads were
three U.S. senators who were Vietnam vets: Democrat John Kerry, who called the
campaign "the most craven moment I've ever seen in American politics";
Republican John McCain, who called it "worse than disgraceful"; and Republican
Chuck Hagel, who termed it "beyond offensive."
Ugh. Don't tell me this is just politics. There's a difference between "tough" and "gutter". This is so gutter, I'm surprised that Ehrlich isn't disturbed by the rats crawling all over Mr. Harmon.

Careful they don't bite you too, Bobby!


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