Monday, November 21, 2005

Too Much Jack?

Perhaps you are wondering, why so much Jack? All of a sudden? After such relative quiet?

Well, there are weeks when I am traveling and unable to post.

But the real news is that the Jack Household has entered the, well, the 00s or the "aughts" or the 2000s or whatever.

The new PC arrived 2 weeks ago, courtesy of an IBM friends and family discount. It is loaded and lightening fast, and the flat screen monitor is actually quite sexy. I can't wait to get some really cool games and turn into a total nerd.

Then came the cable hookup. I hate Comcast, but what are you gonna do? Chalk it up to one more reason to hate monopolies and to fight for free enterprise and competition.

Finally, and the greatest, I put in a wireless router. So now I can sit here in my leather den chair, sip my dirty martini, and tap away on my laptop to my heart's delight.

Oh - and watch a little MNF at the same time.


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