Friday, November 11, 2005

Those Crazy Fraternity Pranksters!

It continues to amaze me that otherwise rational folks can dismiss these (and similar activities) as little more than "the kind of thing fratboys, sorority girls, and academy cadets do to newcomers".

My mother made the same argument to me, heatedly, over dinner at Applebee's (her favorite), when the Abu Ghraib store and photos first broke. She argued that this was being blown out of proportion, that this was little more than "having some fun" with the prisoners. Of course, her indignation was aimed mainly at the "liberal press" for breaking the story. "Don't they realize that this could hurt our national security, having these pictures made public?"

Duh. How about blaming the folks who staged and took the pictures? Or those who ordered the MPs to "loosen up" the prisoners? Or those who issued documents outlining allowable "aggressive interrogation"? Or those who, from the very top, made it clear that such treatment was allowable, even going so far as to scrawl "make it happen" on a recently released memo?


Let me tell you this: I was in a fraternity (not that long ago). I was president of my chapter. If anyone had treated our pledges in this way, they would have immediately been kicked out of the chapter and the school. Criminal and civil charges would have been filed. The chapter would have probably lost its charter and been thrown off campus. And I, as president, would have been held responsible and would have probably also faced charges and expulsion.

But, of course, that sort of accountability and responsibility doesn't exist in this administration.

When we begin to adopt tactics that force us to recoil, that simply feel wrong and inconsistent with our fundamental values, then I'd argue the Islamofascists have done more harm to our society than they did on 9-11. When our enemies have put us in such a position as fighting to retain some legal right to torture, than we surely are losing this war.


Blogger Brechi said...

you know, sometimes frat hazing pics are pretty hot, but anything with Lynndie is jsut kinda awful.

10:22 AM  

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