Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lynne Cheney with Diane Rehm on NPR Today

I caught a little of The Second Lady on Diane Rehm today (I was running some errands at lunch. A new Filene's Basement just opened, and I need some new socks. Call me crazy.)

She deserves some props. Not for her answers (typical non-denial denials of bad stuff - like her husband's commitment to the freedom to torture - and fluffy, puffy answers to the harder questions about things like, oh, Iraq and whether or not Gen. Shinseki was right all those years ago),

No. I give her props for simply being there, giving unrehearsed answers to unscripted questions, in front of *gasp* the American public, and not some hand-selected Republican peanut gallery or a military academy.

At least now we now that Lady has more cajones then either her husband or his boss.

Not literally, of course. We all know who has the biggest package from among those three.


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