Friday, November 11, 2005

Housing Bubble

An interesting take on the turn in the housing market in DC. First off - who in their right mind would pay $800k for a TOWNHOUSE? I know it's in Alexandria but it's not even in Old Town.


We here in lovely Bawlmer, Merlin (that's Baltimore, Maryland to you non-locals) have no such worries.

The recent BRAC movements will bring at least an additional 20,000 new military jobs to the state. It's also estimated that 5 private sector/support roles will emerge for each military position. That's another 100,000 for all you liberal arts grads.

Bottom line - my house is a gold mine. What goes up shall not come down.

I think it may be time to lock in on a beach house before this gets really out of hand.


Blogger LargeBill said...

People who confuse the housing situation with the tech bubble of a few years ago are nuts. Houses aren't stocks. At most there will be slow downs in price increases for houses in selected regions. The real issue will be on an individual basis for people defaulting as ARM's go up and those situations will create buying opportunities for others.

3:06 PM  

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