Saturday, October 08, 2005

What To Do With The Wahoo

Yes, I do lean left (see below).

And, yes, I do hate silly PC-ness.

And, yes, I think that the NCAA's whole mascot crackdown thing smacks of classic liberal, PC, speech-freeze, and is ripe for opinion and insult.

But, truly, who can any longer defend this? Replace the red with tan or brown - and who could rightly defend that?

I'm not arguing about the Indians name. Hell, yes, keep that (I can't imagine rooting for another, after all). The history of the name is far from certain (whether to honor Louis Sockalexis, an Native American who played for the team, then died young from alcoholism; or to recall the glories of Cleveland's previous National League team; or to better market against the Boston Braves), but it is so generic now as to be inoffensive (maybe?).

Besides, I really don't want to buy a whole new assortment of t-shirts.

That's a joke, people.


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