Friday, October 21, 2005

More I Heart Fall

Today was one of those days that just bitch-slaps you - WHOOF! Damn. There goes our Indian Summer.

Suddenly, this wonderful Fall of ours has plunged from "nicely 80s" to "50s and pissin rain". Overdue, it was.

And, some how, I love it.

I went out to bring in the dog (Jack, also, if you care to know). The air was as crisp as a MacIntosh apple. I stayed out with him in the yard, looking out past the treeline. V's of geese came honking across, low as dive-bombers.

Then the heavens opened. Raindrops hard and fast as frozen peas came suddenly and soaked us. Pelted, we ran to the patio, to the deck, inside.

Lit the fire. Tended it. Grew a nice ferocious fire, all yellow and orange and red.

Curled up on the floor, snuggled beneath an afghan my grandma knitted (ages and ages ago). It is crimson red and navy blue, and so so soft around the corners.

Sipped upon a nice Oktoberfest. Watched a great film.

The chill left my body. The dog curled tightly between us.

The rain pattered against the windows, impotent. We are warm here as the air grows chill.

I love the Fall.


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