Thursday, October 20, 2005

Harriet Miers' Senate Questionnaire

Now, I'm sure that the members of the Senate Judicial Committee are poring over Ms. Miers' responses to their very nice questionnaire. And I'm sure they're unearthing the interesting bits to probe during the hearings.

But a few points caught my eye as I took a cursory pass through it myself.

So, I'd like to ask the good Senators to please dig into these topics in some detail. (My comments in italics.) To wit:

  • 1964-1969: Computer Center Helper, Southern Methodist University, Computer Center, 3300 University Blvd., Carr Collins Building, Room 130, Dallas, TX 75205. Computer Center Helper? In 1964? At SMU? I think someone's fibbing...
  • Fall 1998-January 2001: Member, Board of Directors, Dallas 2012 Committee, a non-profit organization that represented Dallas in a bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Organization no longer exists. Dallas? Like you even thought Dallas had a shot at it? Puh-leeze. I think the IOC learned their lesson in Atlanta - avoid southern hick boomtowns at all costs!
  • Mid-1980's: HM Investments, partnership to hold oil and gas interests, 5115 Royal Crest Drive, Dallas, TX 75229. Oil and gas interests? In the Bush administration? What a surprise.
  • 1987: Chair, Advisory Committee, Girls, Inc. of Dallas, 2040 Empire Central Drive, Dallas, TX 75235. Mmmmmm....girls. Why don't we let Sen. Kennedy probe on this one?
  • 1993-2005: Member, Petroleum Club, a social and business club. Contact: (214) 871-1500. SOCIAL club? Was there Wesson involved? Sen. Kennedy, over to you.
  • 1987: Member, Progressive Voters League, a local political organization. Progressive? Isn't that code for LIBERAL?

There. That ought to settle things.


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