Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Getting Drunk Dialed by Your Parents

Tell me - what could be worse that that?

Last night, the phone rang at about 8:30pm. My father, shouting: "We're at The Clevelander on South Beach - your Mother and I are loaded!" Or at least nicely toasted.


They had just wrapped up a week of revelry in Key West (Mom recommends the digs at the Almond Tree Inn). Now, they are stopping at South Beach for a couple of days.

Then, they will make their way north - Palm Beach, Melbourne, Savannah (more drinks!), Charleston, Richmond, Baltimore (to see yours truly), then home again.

Well, at least they called at a decent hour.

BTW, I recommended they finish off with a nightcap at The Delano - one of my "favorite spaces" in this whole wide world - though a Tanq and Tonic will set you back $15 there.


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