Saturday, October 15, 2005

George W. Bush - Man Child

From The Bull Moose, a paragraph that nearly made me wet my pants, once I thought about it:
The Dobsons, Robertsons and the President and his minions have launched the
Crusades on behalf of Holy War Harriet. The right wing elitist, rootless
cosmopolitan, pagan, heathen, secular humanist, Straussian, neo-con, elitist,
Ivy League,
Bavarian Illuminati, Masonic Conspiracy is arrayed against this poor woman who loves the baby Jesus almost as much as she adores the man-child George W. Bush.
Clearly, these reality based conservatives have never experienced the full
Bushie baptismal immersion in the Crawford Creek as has Holy War Harriet.
I mean, I love the Baby Jesus as much as the next guy, but jeez.

Ain't this wild?


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