Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Democratic Alternative to Fiscal Insanity?

I've (among others) long argued that the Democratic Party will continue to be an institutionalized minority, as long as they remain simply AGAINST whatever it is the Republicans are for. Until they are able to clearly and simply articulate what they are FOR - and assuming (big if) that these platforms resonate with the American public - they have a chance at reclaiming some ground.

The current mood of the polity offers them an opportunity. And David Broder in the WaPo today covers it concisely.

Essentially - lead the march of new ideas for getting this nation's fiscal house in order. Wrap it up with ribbons of "cleaning up this mess", "competent governance", and "fiscal sanity".

Generate a bipartisan package of ideas that will help keep us from sticking generations hence with the bill for our current profligate recklessness. Focus on reigning in entitlement programs - both personal and corporate. Attack the most egregious pork. Delay making permanent the tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.

After all, this was why I voted for W in the first place five long years ago - I trusted him to maintain the fiscal discipline and sanity of the mid-to-late Clinton years.

And he - and this Congress - have failed our nation miserably in that.

If Pelosi, Reid and their ilk would begin to listen more closely to the DLC folks, they could have a shot at relevancy once again.


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