Saturday, October 15, 2005

Browns-Ravens Keys to the Game

Now that I've got myself this here fancy-schmancy new blog, I guess I need to prognosticate.

Herewith, my Three Keys to a Browns Victory:

1. Take advantage of the Raven's O-Line. These guys are old and slow. Especially Orlando Brown. Remember when he was young and slow with the Browns? Well, add 4 years.

2. Maintain discipline on Defense - the old bend, but don't break. And wait for the Raven's D to self-destruct again.

3. Run the friggin ball. Even if it's only getting you a yard or two early on, keep going at it. It'll pay off in the fourth quarter.

There. If I'm not right, I'll buy you a beer.


Blogger Mason said...

Cool....were we getting together for a beer? :)


8:37 PM  

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