Sunday, September 04, 2005

Who Do We Fire First?

Good Lord - where to start?

Do you start with the idiocy of Mr Brown's first remarks? The President's adulatory nonsense (Brownie, good, job!) ? Chertoff's beauracratese defensiveness and explanations/excuses?

All I know is, someone - many, actually - need to be fired.

Brown, long gone from his arranging horse shows, is clearly over his head.


Mr. Chertoff is so well spoken, so charmingly erudite. He dismisses reality so well, though unconvincingly, seems so unaware that his organizantion's inaction has led to countless unnecessary deaths.


And Mr. President. I voted for you - can you believe that? I can't. I am ashamed of myself. Here's what I've realized - you and your administration have a true contempt of government and of the good it can do. Either that, or you have been so incompetent as to emasculate one of the few federal agencies that had done well.

Your pick.

Either way, I only wish we had another chance to tell you:


But the time will come. The time will come when the shortchanging for flood control comes due, when the environmental price for beach erosion is paid, when we finally, inevitably tire of this endless war of insurrection and decide it is indeed time to change out the generals.

The time will come.


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