Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Simpsons Season Premiere

Finally got around to watching it obn TiVO last night, and, sadly, all I can say is, *yawn*.

Hate to say that I was forcing some chuckles. My only real, laugh-out-load moment came at the end.

A manatee was dressed in work clothes and sitting at Homer's work station at the power plant. Br. Burns strolls by with Smithers and asks, "Say! Who's that go-getter with the strapping chest?"

And the manatee whirls around on the stool to face burns. Its flipper-tail is hanging out of one of the pants legs. Just a great, classic Simpson's visual gag.

And that was it. Too bad. Kinda hope they call it quits before it gets totally predictable - which they had managed to mostly avoid to this point.


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