Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Politics vs. Saving Lives

This morning on Howard Stern (yes, I rely upon a diversity of inputs to develop my opinions), Rep. Jose Serrano phoned in to describe his frustrating conversations with the State Dept over the last 48 hours.

Turns out that Cuba has offered 1,100 (that's ELEVEN HUNDRED) field doctors (i.e. those trained and experienced in delivering medical services IN THE FIELD, post-Hurricane - Cuba gets a few of those, y'know).

Not widely known throughout the US is how strong Cuba's medical establishment is, and what a great reputation their physicians have throughout the world - especially in times of crisis. Cuba even offered to take care of all transit and living expenses for the docs.

The State Dept. is apparently dragging their feet on issuing the visas that would allow such a trip.

Apparently, the votes of Cuban ex-pats in Miami > the votes of injured and dying black folks in New Orleans.

Funny, but I thought Louisiana was even more of a Red State than Florida. Shows you how much I know.


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