Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Evil Preppy Twin

When I was younger (early college), I was told I looked like:

Maybe I did, a little. I was skinny, preppy, cute ;-).

So there I was in Dublin, Ireland, last my junior year in college, a year spent studying abroad. It was late, and we were in this jammed smoke college bar. I only had about 9 Guinness in me by that time.

We had been making our way through the Temple Bar district. That afternoon, we stumbled through a cool little vintage clothing store. For only 15 pounds, I found myself a perfect fitting English tweed coat. It looked suitable shabby-prep with worn jeans and a dark purple shirt with a faint paisley pattern. Dude - I was stylin.

I cute Irish lass approached me, shyly. "Excuse me," she said above the din. "But, aren't you Andrew McCarthy."

In spite of a gullet full of stout, my mind worked quickly. "No, I'm sorry," I answered. "I'm his brother."


Got laid that night in Dublin.


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