Thursday, September 08, 2005

Looking for Advice

So get this - my mother is a staunch, unwavering, Rush Limbaugh Rightest. It's not enough to call her a Republican - she is a RIGHTIST.

And she makes sure everyone knows. She watches only Fox, reads only the WSJ, and listens only to AM talk radio down in her cozy Floriday country club community.

She's always passes along emails spouting off the latest RIGHTIST diatribe, throwing in her 2 cents worth. I always grit my teeth and ignore.

But today, she sent along this character assassination of Cindy Sheehan. I checked it on Snopes, as I usually do, and found out is was, of course, untrue.

So, dear friends, what should I do here?

1. Do what I usually do - swallow my anger and ignore the email

2. Reply with a polite, "Interesting - but unfortunately it's untrue", attaching the Snopes link

3. Reply as above, but include some editorial thoughts: "While I may not agree with what she (Cindy) is saying or doing (actually, I do!), I totally suppport her right to do so. Clearly, she is acting our of anger and grief over losing her child - who among us could predict how we would act in these circumstances? I find it reprehensible that someone would knowingly create these lies out of whole cloth and attempt to destroy this woman's reputation simply because they disagree with her opinions and how she is acting upon them"

Oh, yeah - and should I just "reply", or should I "reply all" (a bunch of her fellow righties were copied.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how I should handle it.


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