Sunday, September 04, 2005

From Our Man at the DHS

I have a good friend who runs a business that supplies product to the Dept of Homeland Security. It's all emergency, first-responder-type stuff, in the case of a terrorist attack, calamity, natural disaster.

Ah, yes. Natural disaster.

So, he was late to our annual end-of-summer crab feast. Turns out his company had been called on to move its supply of gear to the hurricane zone. At 3pm. Today. Sunday.

The storm hit Monday morning, no?

This is first responder gear, meant for the FIRST on the scene (hence the name, numbskulls).

His client is the Dept of Homeland Security, of which FEMA is part.

And they were called today - Sunday. At 3pm.

Sorry if I'm being redundant here.


So my friend arrived at the party late, after making sure the trucks and supplies were on their way. He described all the great work they were doing.

And I had to ask - wouldn't you? - why the FUCK the trucks weren't on their way on Tuesday?

He shrugged his shoulders. "They never called. We called them and asked where we should go. In fact, we called them LAST WEEKEND and asked if we should pre-position this stuff. They told us not to worry - it was only a hurricane, not like some terrorist or anything serious. Then they finally called back today."

Sunday. Six days after it hit. Eight (or more) days before they should have called to be fully prepared.

"How could this happen?" I asked my friend. His direct client is a high-level person at the DHS.

"I talked to my client this afternoon." he answered, "and he said that they all have their heads up their asses and have no idea what they're doing."

Bastards. This is criminal, no? How many people have died for lack of water, food, basic meds? A simple food drop? In Banda Aceh they did it in less than 24 hours. And it took 5 days here?

What's wrong with this picture?

It's this simple - Mr. Bush is incompetent. His administration is incompetent.

The Congress is incompetent. It took them longer to return to vote on hurricane relief than it did to vote on intervening for Terry Schaivo in Florida. They, too, are incompetent and morally adrift.

Fire them. Fire them all. Work as hard as you can to boot their lazy, incompetent, special interest-endowed asses.

And make sure they know how repugnant they are.

Because, today, this nation's leadership disgusts and embarasses me. And they need to pay the price.


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