Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Animals

I know it pales compared to the human suffering, but for all pet and animal lovers, there is heartbreak among the postings at

22354. STARVING HORSES by RescueRanch, 9/8/05 14:23 ET

Some residents with livestock are being denied entry. I asked a friend of a friend to look in on my 26 yr old horse that survived out in a small field with 4 other horses and he is emaciated and starving. I need to get him out and I can't even get in.

And there is inspiration in the generosity of the responses:

22354.1. re: 22354 by vickielynne, 9/8/05 14:29 ET
Re: STARVING HORSES by RescueRanch, 9/8/05
What is your e-mail? I will start contacting every animal rescue site I know!I am at
stickypin@aol.comMy name is Vickie

You go, Vickie! You go!


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