Sunday, August 28, 2005

A New Era

The Tribe took a tight one today from the Jays, after losing a tight one last night (UGH! 2-1 with Millwood the sufferer, yet again). The O's ended up shelled by the A's after playing gamely till the 7th (can you believe I TIVOd that shit?). And the Yankees (I FUCKING HATE THE YANKEES) pulled it out of their asses to beat the Royals in the 9th this afternoon.

Gawd, but I love this.

I love that every game matters. I love that I am checking Yahoo Gamechannel every moment I have at home, scanning to the ESPN radio station here when I'm in my car, hoping and tripping and wishing over every ballgame here as August fades away and September enters with her false promise of a summer extended.

How many years since I have been here?

Last year, of course, the Indians tempted. They ran off a streak, only to fade in mid-August. And the Autumn took it's proper course.

I recall the Falls of the 90s, when summer lasted late into October. Sudden home runs. Gutsy rookie pitchers. Gutsy veteran pitchers, all wile and guts. Such a different team, a different era.

One of these days, I will write about what it was like to grow up an Indians fan in the 70s, only to come of age in the 90s.

But not today. Not today.

Today, I will relish in the adventure of the Indians of 2005. Hafner's homerics, Jhonny's consistency, V-Mart's resiliency, Millwood/Elarton/Lee/Westbrook's talent for a solid 7 innings, and the entire bullpen's gutsiness.

If you aren't loving it, lovng what Shapiro has crafted out of the last 4 years, then you don't know baseball.

Enjoy it. And dream upon promising tomorrows.


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