Sunday, August 28, 2005

Damn How I Love to BarBeQue

So my friends/neighbors came over tonite for dinner.

Good Lord, I think they might starve without me.

I was out on the Bay all day, paddling. I told one friend, I think I'll do up sumpin on the grill, and, lawdahlmahty, here they come.

It was simple, really, all stuff outta my garden (well, besides the chicken and the cheese).

Here's what I did - for each person you are feeding:

- Take a chicken breast (boned, sans tenderloin), and slice it down the middle - make a nice pocket
- Fill it with some nice nice things - like cheese (smoke cheddar, parmesan, goat, freash mozz, swiss, whatever), some vegg (broccoli, arugula), some meat (good ham, proscuitto, pepperoni), and a leaf of summer (basil, sage, whatever).

Pin that breast together with oil-soaked toothpicks (so she don't fall apart) - and marinate in a mix of 1/3 acid to 1 oil (like, 1 TB lemon juice to 3 TB olive oils - 2 to 4 hours).


Grill no more that 6 mins per side.

Don't be afraid to lick the juices.


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