Friday, August 26, 2005

Another Friday Night

Goddamit but the Turkey has done run dry, and now I have to tap into the reserve of Kentucky Gentleman. Gotta make sure that shit is good and fuckin cold - with none too much lemon peelings to help, either, my friend.

Wonder what Sidney's drinking tonite?

Is he at the game even? Damn, I just got in and turned on the Raven's. Up 7-0. Can't be bad. How many freaking pickles could Boller have thrown with a score like that? Less than 3, I'd venture.

But back to Sidney. Slice off my fuckin head. Cut the bastard. Jesus. Not only does he suck and suck up a lot of payroll at the same time, but he is an embarrassment. Sure, I enjoy hearing him call into the 98Rock Morning Show (formerly KML, God Bless Lopez, though I know he'd hate to hear that, but God Bless him anyway).

BTW - you wanna know the truth? I haven't listened to KML (sorry, I can't help but refer to them as that) - aside from checking in on sports with that dickhead Coleman if I happen to be in that car on the 30s - since Lopez shed that mortal coil. I tried. The tryout news guys were just too earnest, too clean cut, too Not R. Edward Lopez. Kirk has his moments, but too much of the show was Mark's poor, forced, uncomfortable and unfunny humor. It was unlistenable.

But then I discovered that the riotous Jewbag from HFS had come over - Josh Spiegel, News Dickhead. He is nearly as annoying and arrogant as Coleman, though with an endearing streak of huge self-doubt. Fun. I listened again all this week.

Though, I have to admit, I continued to flip back to Howard every few minutes.

Call me addicted. Others have.

Fuck. The Orioles.


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